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  • Most frequently asked question regarding the technology of the cryogenic deflashing Most frequently asked question regarding the technology of the cryogenic deflashing
    Apr 30, 2024
      Most frequently asked question regarding the technology of the cryogenic deflashing    1. What is cryogenic deflashing? Deflashing machines use liquid nitrogen to help the part reach a low enough temperature where its substrate becomes protected. Once the excess flash or burrs reach a brittle state, the cryogenic deflashing machines are used to tumble and blast the part with polycarbonate or other media to remove the unwanted flash.   2. Does cryogenic deflashing work on molded plastic parts? Yes. The process removes burrs and flash on plastics, metals, and rubber.   3. Can cryogenic deflashing remove internal and microscopic burrs? Yes. The cryogenic process combined with the appropriate media in the deburring machine removes the smallest burs and flashing.   4. What are the advantages of cryogenic deflashing? Deflashing is an efficient and highly effective method that provides several advantages, including: ·   ♦ High level of consistency ·   ♦ Non-abrasive and will not damage finishes ·   ♦ Lower cost than other plastic deflashing methods ·   ♦ Maintains part integrity and critical tolerances ·   ♦ Lower price per piece ·   ♦ Use low cost cryogenic deflashing to avoid repairing your expensive mold. ·   ♦ Computer controlled process provides higher accuracy than manual deburring   5. What kind of products are able to be cryogenically deflashed? Broad range of products, including: ·   ♦ O-rings & gaskets ·   ♦ Medical implants, surgical tools and devices ·   ♦ Electronic connectors, switches, and bobbins ·   ♦ Gears, washers and fittings ·   ♦ Grommets and flexible boots ·   ♦ Manifolds and valve blocks   6. How to know if the product is suitable for cryogenic deflashing? Sample Deflashing TestsWe invite you to send us some of your parts for sample deflashing tests. This will enable you to review the quality of deflashing our equipment can achieve. In order for us to establish parameters for the parts you send, please identify each, by your part number, the main compound used in the manufacturing, along with a finished or Q.C. example. We use this as a guide to your expected quality level      
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